Can you feel the beat of your heart?

Are you looking for a good workout? Are you tired of that slow aerobics? Try a session of drumming.  Drumming influences our physical health by increasing our heart rate, burning calories, and boosting our immune system.   Drumming is a great way to get your body working and your blood pumping.

When you’re relaxed your heart rate beats relatively slowly. The number of time it beats each minute while you’re at rest is called you resting heart rate. During extreme activities you heart beats more quickly to carry more oxygen from the lungs to the muscles. The Highest number of times you heart is capable of beating per minute is called the maximum heart rate. Recently a research was done on a drummer named Clem Burke from the band Blondie. At rest His heart beats about 70 times a minute. After some dynamic round of drumming the heart can go to as high as 190 bpm. That’s the same as the maximum heart rate of a Professional soccer player might experience during a match. Not only does drumming increase your heart rate it also helps you burn calories.

While drumming the body burn calories through the nonstop movement of your upper and lower body that you need to use to play the drums. This results in a steady burn of calories during the activity. According to data from Calorie Lab, a person who weighs 185 pounds will burn about 252 calories during an hour-long drumming session. That’s a lot of calories just burned while drumming.  Drumming burns calories as well as pumps up your immune system.

Drumming seems to pump up the immune system. “Researchers for the first time demonstrated statistically significant increases in a cellular immune component responsible for seeking out and destroying virally infected cells and cancer cells in normal human subjects who drummed together using a specific protocol,„ says Bittman a scientist. As you can see drumming can influence your heart rate, burn calories and also helps pump up your immune sytem.

As you can see Drumming can influence your heart rate, burn calories and it also boost your immune system. To conclude why try drumming, well drumming is a fun way to stay active and stay healthy. You can use drumming as a workout and still have fun doing it. So try drumming give it a try you might enjoy it more than I do but probably not.

How is drumming healthy?

How is Drumming Physical

Why drum for health?


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