Global Warming

People today question how far can we push the planet. Today, right now, carbon dioxide is being polluted into the atmosphere from just doing everyday things such as driving, factories and so on. How will all these chemicals in the air affect us? No one can say exactly, but scientists think it has already started to affect us.

We are witnessing these happenings and taking note. There has been more warming around the world near the poles. Its permafrost soil is starting to melt, and the ice is starting the break apart. Weather is getting stranger and seems to be fueled by additional heat.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the weather went bad. The best examples are ice ages. All these man made gasses in the atmosphere could soon affect us in a harsh way. Not only people are being affected, but so is everything else. Our polluting is hurting other species such as polar bears. The ice is melting and studies estimate that global sea levels will rise about 7 feet in times come.

We can slow down global warming by burning less and less fossil fuels. The more we burn the more greenhouse gasses are being released into the atmosphere, and over time gas concentration will rise, and so will our temperature.

Global warming is a man-made crisis. It is caused by fossil fuels burning and going into our environment. It affects the whole planet and its climate. Over time the earth will heat up due to much polluting, and it will affect us all.


  1. What do you think you could do to help fight global warming?
  2. Do you think that the world is heating?
  3. Do you think an environment high in carbon dioxide is harmful?

12 thoughts on “Global Warming

  1. This article helped me understand more about global warming and how its affecting the world. I believe that global warming is happening because of humans. I think we burn way to many fossil fuels like you said in your article. In a different article that I read, it showed different ways to help prevent global warming. One way is to drive better cars. By releasing less fuels in the air, it will help the air to be clean and reduce global warming.

  2. Global warming is happening, but it is happening slowly. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have to worry about it though. The gasses that we are producing are having an impact on us and the environment. They are causing climate changes. In 2012, we had that highest temperature in record for the US. This could get worse if we don’t change this soon.

  3. I believe global warming is happening, but it’s happening slowly. I agree by using oils and gases, that is causing fossil fuels to burn which is very harmful to the environment and atmosphere around us. But, burning fossil fuels isn’t the only large effect on global warming. Clearing forests is also a problem in global warming because that releases big amounts of CO2. With that, plants and trees use CO2 to grow and give off O2 for all livings things. Deforestation just means that we wont have as many trees to intake CO2, making the atmosphere the home of CO2. We can decrease the amount of fossil fuels we burn, and we can stop deforestation. That is just a matter of if we could all come together to contribute to this world wide problem. Slow down the use of oil by walking or riding bike to close places instead of driving and burning fuel, letting the gas into the atmosphere. We could also stop cutting down so much forests for new land so that the extra CO2 can be taken in by the trees and used for things that we actually need, like O2. If we all can cut down on harmful products, global warming will slow down and we wouldn’t be in so much worry.

  4. To me your article was very interesting and easy to read. By easy I mean that I didn’t get bored in the middle reading it. It always seemed like every new paragraph had something very interesting to talk about. You also have very few errors and overall your paper was very good.

  5. I found this post very interesting. Global warming is a problem in the world today. To answer your first question I would try to recycle and use more eco friendly things instead of using more poluting sources. I think that if people would turn off the lights or the t.v after they are done using it. Here a wonderful website on the causes and effects of global warming. The website says that today the world is changing a lot due to human errors.

  6. I found this blog post very interesting because I feel like not a lot of people realize how far we are “pushing” our planet. There are ways to reduce global warming, but not many people know there are more than you think. I looked up some ways to reduce It just at home, the webpage suggested recycling, which we all know about, but what I though was interesting was to change a light bulb. Not only changing to fluorescent light bulbs could save you money but save the earth a little at a time. Global warming is important to focus on because we have to live on this world many years to come. We all need to start taking care of it better.

    I got my information from this site,

  7. I found your post pretty interesting. To answer your first question, I think that I could do more recycling than I already do to try to help the environment. I think that the world is heating and also that a high carbon dioxide environment is dangerous. In an article, I found that the United States electrical power plant emit about 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air. Throughout the years climate change adds to melting of the polar ice caps, wild fires, and other disasters. Here is a link to where I found the info:

  8. I think there are many things I could do to help fight global warming. One of which, is recycling. At my house we don’t recycle, just because it’s a little bit harder than just throwing the stuff away. Or, another easy one is, carpool. On days when I have to get to school early, and so do my friends, we could all carpool together and save a little gas, meaning less pollution in the air. That’s what I think I could do to help fight global warming.

  9. This is a good blog post. It could use a bit more flow in certain parts. Id agree that most of the research here is true information. You could build more on how it is a man-made crisis though. I like your use of punctuation throughout most of this post. This website has some extra info on global warming that you could add to your post to make it better.
    I think that taking the bus would improve the global warming.
    I think it is but deffinetly not in North Dakota!
    I think it is because there is less oxygen to breath.

  10. I agree that global warming is happening as well. Of course it would have come naturally anyways, but I believe that it is because of humans now. When the earth becomes warmer, there will be more evaporation and precipitation in different regions of the world, leaving some to become wetter and others dryer. If the greenhouse effect becomes stronger, it will warm the oceans and partially melt glaciers and other ice, making the sea level higher. Different plants will respond differently to the increased CO2 level in the atmosphere. Many people are trying to help the environment, but others don’t really think about it. We have to be careful of how much CO2 we are putting into the atmosphere because there will be serious consequences in the future.

  11. I think global warming is happening. I believe that it is natural to some extent though. The climate is always changing and has a history of both warm and cold periods. I think that humans are greatly contributing to global warming. We burn fossil fuels which has caused the carbon dioxide levels to rise greatly. This is bad for us and the environment because we need oxygen to breathe. The rise in CO2 levels act like a blanket in the atmosphere, not allowing heat to escape the planet. There are many theories that argue or support global warming. We don’t know for sure what the cause is but we know that something is happening that is causing our planet to change. If we don’t do anything about it, there will be devastating consequences for everyone around the world. People can do simple things to help the environment like carpooling or walking. We should find alternative energy such as wind power and solar power. These use renewable resources and don’t harm the Earth.

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