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Don’t scratch that itch

Eczema, a chronically itchy skin disease diagnosed in childhood, can cause asthma and is a risk factor for smoking, obesity, and alcoholism in adults. It’s estimated that around 35million Americans have eczema. Eczema affects around ten percent of the American population. Inflicting them with patches of extremely itchy, dry, inflamed skin.  When scratched, the patches … Continue reading Don’t scratch that itch

Schizophrenia: The Voices in Your Head

More than 25 million people around the world and about 1% of all people in the western world suffer from schizophrenia at one point in their lives. Half of America’s mental patients are schizophrenic. This mental illness causes delusion, hallucinations, thought disorders, loss of separation between self and non self, and deterioration of everyday mental, … Continue reading Schizophrenia: The Voices in Your Head