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Welcome to our blog site!  This is a site of research that high school Biology students have put together.  We would love to have feedback or to have you be a guest blogger.  These science students are trying to look at real world issues and make decisions about them.  They are very proud (as I am too!) of the wonderful work they have accumulated this year.

On this blogging site, we put together a blog filled with information that we feel is important to the modern day. We put on here our experiences and bring forth the newest studies of topics we consider important, information everyone should have a chance to explore.




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  1. Hi! Welcome to Mrs. Wold’s class blogs for students in Biology at Sheyenne high school. Here, students will post blogs based off of several different science topics. We have researched the most recent science topics, so feel free to read, comment, or guest blog on this site. Enjoy!

  2. Welcome to Mrs. Wolds 2015-2016 blog! All of us students are very excited to share our blogs we have been working for the past few months. At the start we all got to choose a topic that we found interesting to write about the latest and greatest research on. Because of this there is definitely a variety and I’m sure there’s something for everyone. I hope you enjoy reading all these blogs and you learn something new, enjoy!

  3. Congratulations! You have found woldbiology.edublogs.org/about-us/ webpage! Anyways, welcome to Wold Biology! This website is updated through out each year by high school students. This website can be used to keep you up to date on what is happening in the world from a Biological view point, topics such as Animal behavior, Genetics, Evolution, Energy and Matter, and many more, are all here on this website. We hope you find what you’re looking for on Wold Biology. And once again, Welcome to Wold Biology!

  4. Welcome to where freshman and sophomores study related biology topics and blog about the latest research about that topic. We are all held together by Mrs. Wold and atoms of course. Our topics range from Ebola to sport injuries. We are super excited to educate others about the latest research on related biology topics! Enjoy your learning about these amazing topics!

  5. Hello all!
    Welcome to Mrs.Wold’s blogging site where there is nearly infinate knowledge about just about everything biology…and a few other topics of course! Feel free to leave comments, and give us feedback! We are proud of all the hard work we students put into this blog. Enjoy!

  6. Welcome to our biology blog site! We would like to thank you for looking at our site and blogs. We have researched on several interesting topics of our choosing and we have done our best to write the best blogs as possible. Thanks for looking at our site!

  7. Welcome to our Biology Blog site! On this site you can learn lots of information on a variety of topics. The authors on this site are freshman and sophomore students who would love to get your feedback! Please take the time to read our articles, and feel free to comment, or even be a guest blogger. Thanks!

  8. Welcome to Mrs.Wold’s blogging site, you will read blogs from many different topics including health related ones, to different species of animals that could be harmed. There is a lot of information on this site, helped by students, and even some scientists who guest blog with some feedback! Come check out our blogs and learn some interesting facts that you may not know! Thank you for visiting our site!

  9. Welcome to Mrs. Wolds blogging site for Biology at Sheyenne High School. We’ve been researching from anything from animals to genetics to health of all organisms. This website is full of information to benefit your knowledge! Each student was assigned to do a blog of their interest! We hope these blogs for fill your interests too!

  10. Welcome to our blogging site! Here you will find blog posts on a variety of subjects researched by high school students. These posts allow others to comment their feedback and learn about interesting topics. There are 12 categories to choose from that will keep readers interested. I hope you enjoy our website and learn a lot while reading.

  11. Welcome to Mrs. Wold’s Biology blog. On this site is blogs that students from Sheyenne High School have made. Every single one of these blogs are topics that students got to choose on their own and research about that topic so everyone can know what they’re learning. All students have researched a topic, commented on other blogs, and made their own blog. We have many categories to choose from, so read up on some Biology and explore our unique, interesting blog. Go ahead and give us some feedback on our blogs by commenting. Also, if you could, go ahead and try to answer our questions we have after every blog I the comments. Enjoy the site!

  12. We are freshman and sophomores from the West Fargo Sheyenne High School and we are a biology class. We have done research on biology topics that we are interested in and blogged about it. It simply was if you want to find more about a topic you should blog about it. We would love it if you became a guest blogger and post a blog or even simply just leave a comment.

  13. Welcome to Mrs. Wold’s Edublogs site! Here, biology students of Sheyenne High School post blogs that fit under one or more of these 12 categories: Animal Behavior, Awesome Scientists, Class Connection, Ecology & Environment, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Energy and Matter, Evolution, Genetics, and Health & Medicine. In this site, you will find posts on a wide variety of current and interesting topics in the scientific world. The students of Sheyenne have worked very hard, and we hope you enjoy reading our research blogs and maybe even learn a thing or two!

  14. Welcome to Mrs. Wold’s Edublogs site! Here, biology students of Sheyenne High School post blogs that fit under one or more of these 12 categories: Animal Behavior, Awesome Scientists, Class Connection, Ecology & Environment, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Energy and Matter, Evolution, Genetics, and Health & Medicine. In this site, you will find posts on a wide variety of current and interesting topics in the scientific world. The students of Sheyenne have worked very hard, and we hope you enjoy reading our research blogs, and maybe even learn a thing or two!

    1. I enjoyed the blog about falling asleep to music. I like classical music and have a timer on my radio so it will not play all night. I think it helps me relax and slows down my brain so I can sleep easily.

      I now live in France, and I have read that learning and using a new language stimulates the brain and memory. That might be a good subject for another blog.

      Your blog was very good. It was concise, informative and grammatically correct. Have a good future as a scientist, writer, or whatever you choose!

  15. We have researched and wrote blogs about many categories such as animal behavior awesome scientists, class connections, ecology and the environment, and many others. We hope you enjoy our blog that we spent many hours on making it awesome for you the readers. Thanks!

  16. Want to know something scientific? You’re bound to find it here on Mrs. Wold’s science blogs. It has over hundreds of up to date scientific topics written all by her students! Every topic is thoroughly research and is sure to educate the reader. Don’t be afraid to comment on any post, we’d like your insight!

  17. This is the blogging site of biologists. We all research, write, comment, blog, and edit biology related blogs that help inform the reader of new and interesting topics in the biology field. The blogs are separated into twelve unique categories including health and medicine all the way to animal behaviors! Bask in all the information welcoming you on this site and enjoy your stay!

  18. It’s a great pleasure to know that so many people are using our blog. It contains an abundance of helpful information for any research project you may be working on. We include topics from strange animals to outstanding scientists to obscure diseases. There are also times when are fortunate to get doctors and other scientists to guest blog alongside us. I greatly hope you find our blog interesting and useful, and its definitely worth taking a read.

  19. Welcome to the student’s of West Fargo High School and Sheyenne High School’s biology blog site. Blogs written on this site have used up to date research to inform about interesting biology happenings today. Some popular topics students cover are: Health and Medicine and Animal Behavior. Other topics that are covered in this site are: Awesome Scientists, Class Connections, Ecology and Environment, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Energy and Matter, Evolution, and Genetics.

  20. Hello and welcome to Mrs. Wold’s Biology blogging site. This website was designed to help people around the world discover more about the earths phenomenon. With each post there is a chance for anyone who shows interest to comment on that specific post and build off of it, the more knowledge being shared the better! The authors of these posts are from Sheyenne High School, students of the West Fargo, North Dakota district, and have taken it upon themselves to develop a specialized knowledge in their field of research to help anyone who is wanting more information on that topic. We appreciate your stop by and would love for you to visit us again!

  21. Welcome to our blog site! The bloggers on this site are all biology students from Sheyenne High School, and when we started our projects, we were able to choose from a wide variety of topics. Each post was made within a period of about two months, with a lot of research involved. Our class hopes you enjoy this site, as well as learn a lot about which ever topic you choose to explore!

  22. Thank you for visiting our site! We all are working very hard to help inform more and more people about topics that are unique, or common, around the world! We are mostly 9th and 10th graders from North Dakota hoping to impress you! As a student, I am proud of all of who are working hard! I hope your proud too and leave us some feedback, it’s much appreciated! Once again thank you and hope you enjoy!

  23. On this Edublogs cite, all of our posts are published by high school students at Sheyenne High School in West Fargo, ND. Each student in Biology has to publish an essay, on a topic of their choice, for the end of the year project. We are proud to help educate the world with our knowledge of topics related to Biology, and have a fun time doing it.

  24. Welcome to our unique blog site! Here you will find a variety of topics related to the main idea of “Biology.” We as students are putting together our knowledge that we have learned throughout this Biology course. The blog posts consist of almost any topic or real world issue you can possibly think of! Feel free to leave feedback on any of the blogs. All of us students are proud of the hard work we have put in to make this biology blog website possible!

  25. We have researched, blogged about, and commented on many Biological topics from snakes’ sense of touch, to Neanderthal DNA in humans. We have twelve categories that are filled with information on just about any topic of current Biologic studies. We use the most current information we can find. I hope you check it out.

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