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Climate Change in the Midwest

The Midwest is home to about 66 million people and most of the region is farmland that supports our country. It produces most of our countries corn, soybean, wheat, and livestock.  The weather in the Midwest has hot and humid summers and ridiculously cold winters. Despite the freezing winters (that can cause frostbite when the … Continue reading Climate Change in the Midwest

Zebra Mussels- A Growing Hazard

Zebra mussels, also known as Dreissena polymorpha, are a small freshwater mollusk. Zebra mussels live in shallow freshwater like lakes and rivers. They have been a problem for people and other sea life for many years. They get their name from the striped pattern on their shells. Their shells are D-shaped with yellow and brownish … Continue reading Zebra Mussels- A Growing Hazard