Where does the salmon you eat come from?

The debate between wild vs. Farmed salmon has been conversed about for many years.  there’s no one who is really on one side of this topic.  Many say that wild salmon is dangerous because we don’t know what river it was found in. But critics think that the farmed salmon is filled with more chemicals.

Farmed salmon has been known to be less healthy compared to wild salmon. If you don’t know what farmed salmon is, it’s salmon that are raised in local rivers, lakes or buildings. Also, advocates say that farming salmon is safer, because some of the wild fish that are caught contain diseases and/or chemicals. However, when farmed salmon are raised they can be exposed to more contaminants (chlorinated pesticides). Wild salmon cost more than farmed salmon.

Advocates say that wild salmon is a healthier option. The nutrients that are in these wild salmon are more common in wild salmon then farmed. Fish especially salmon absorb the minerals when swimming and in some cases when the river is polluted the wild salmon become harmful to consume.

Lastly my thoughts on this is that wild salmon may be a bit healthier, but may contain toxins. Farmed salmon is still healthy and is said to be raised in a better cleaner environment, and just for that reason I believe farmed salmon is better.


Where do salmon thrive?

How and where do you raise salmon?

Will farmed salmon replace wild salmon? 


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